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typeperf -f オプション

TYPEPERF -f SQL -s Serpens -cf "C:\BaseDados\temp\perfcounterssqlserver.txt" -si 60 -sc 720 SQL:PerfMonBaseline
    How to Store Performance Counters Directly on SQL Server Using TypePerf Command | Official Pythian速 Blog :
typeperf -f CSV -si %INTERVAL% -o %LOG_DIR%\%COMPUTERNAME%_cpu_%FILE_DATE%.csv -sc %COUNT% "\Processor(_Total)\%% Processor Time"
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TYPEPERF -f SQL -s SqlServer1 -cf
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TYPEPERF -f SQL -s DESKTOP-I0VT53E -cf "E:\DBAmantra\counters.txt" -si 15 -o SQL:PerfMon
    Performance Counters Data collection using TypePerf utility - DBA Mantra :
typeperf -f CSV o c:\perf.csv -si 10 cf d:\mycounters.txt -sc 1
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typeperf -f CSV "
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TYPEPERF -f SQL -cf "D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\JOBS\CountersList.txt" -si 15 -sc 4 -o SQL:SQLServerDS
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typeperf -f SQL -o SQL:SQLServerDS
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typeperf -f SQL -s SAAAS-VDA01
    Logging Perfmon to SQL Database | Sysadmin As A Service :
typeperf -f CSV "
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TYPEPERF -f SQL -s admin -cf "C:\CounterCollect\Counters.txt" -si 15 -o SQL:SQLServerDS
    Load test: Exception for denied access for pc agent (LoadTestCounterCategoryNotFoundException) - :
TYPEPERF -f CSV -o MyCounters.csv -si 15 -cf MyCounters.txt -sc 60
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