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wevtutil gp /getevents /getmessage     Using gwevtutilh to help with HPE ArcSight FlexConnector development (Windows Event Logs) - Micro Focus SW Community :
wevtutil gp    windows - WARNING -Provider resources not accessible running wevtutil - Stack Overflow :
Wevtutil gp    EnableTrace function (Windows) :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-DiagCpl /ge:true /gm:true /f:xml" . But when i use commond "wevtutil gp DX /ge:true /gm:true /f:xml"    How to list the event of the etw DX provider? - Stack Overflow :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-EventLog /ge /gm:true    .net - Windows Event IDs - Stack Overflow :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-Eventlog /ge:true    windowsserverdocs/ at master MicrosoftDocs/windowsserverdocs GitHub :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Registry    Fink @ Mozilla » Blog Archive » ETW: Event Tracing for Windows, part 4: collection :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing /ge /gm:true     Differences Between 'Account Logon' and 'Logon / Logoff' Events In The Windows Security Log :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing /ge:true /gm:true /f:xml > junk.xml     Chapter 2 Audit Policies and Event Viewer :
wevtutil gp microsoft-windows-security-kerberos /ge /gm    WEvtUtil Scripting – Windows Security Logging and Other Esoterica :
wevtutil gp Microsoft-Windows-WinINet /ge /gm    Part 2 – Exploring and Decoding ETW Providers using Event Log Channels – Ntdebugging Blog :
Wevtutil gp provider-name    Configuring and Starting an Event Tracing Session (Windows) :

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